PiAP Research Fellows Share Three Key Findings From Their Research

This autumn the Populism in Action Project will be publishing a Special Issue of the open access journal Politics and Governance on populist radical right party organisation, with a special focus on the extent to which parties in this family remain centralized in decision-making. The Special Issue will cover both Western and Eastern/Central Europe and include contributions by experts from all over the continent. All four of the Populism in Action Project’s Research Fellows will contribute an article exploring the findings of the research that they’ve been undertaking since 2019. Ahead of the publication of the Special Issue, in this series of blog posts our research fellows share “three key takeaways” from their articles


Dr. Adrian Favero explores – “Leaders vs. Members: Can the Swiss People’s Party Deal with the Tension?”


Dr. Judith Sijstermans shows – “How Belgium’s Vlaams Belang Leads the Way in Digital Politics”


Dr. Mattia Zulianello surveys – “Italy’s League: A Modern Mass Party”


Dr. Niko Hatakka considers – “The Finns Party: Free Rein or Reining In?”