The Eton Myers Collection

The Eton Myers Collection is currently on loan until 2025 to the University of Birmingham from Eton College.


The Eton Myers Collection is stored at the Selly Oak campus.

  • The Orchard Resource Learning Centre (OHRC)
  • Selly Oak campus
  • Selly Oak
  • Birmingham
  • B29 6LG

The OHRC can sometimes be tricky to find the first time you visit.

For accessibility advice, please check out Orchard Learning Resource Centre.

Alternatively, you can walk or bus to the Selly Oak campus.

The Eton Myers Project

As part of having the Eton Myers Collection on loan is to improve the online documentation of the objects in the collection.

This helps to improve accessibility to the collection for learning and research.

Students interested are invited to participate in this project. You would:

  • Complete a factsheet on a chosen object
  • Take measurements of the objects
  • Describe the object’s appearance
  • Transliterate and translate any texts
  • Locate and record information on the context of the object, ancient and modern, where applicable.

Through working with your object and the wider collection, you would out of it with experience in:

  • Object handling
  • Documentation
  • Research

If you’re interested, for more information, please email

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