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Organising Committee

Enquiries regarding Birmingham Egyptology may be addressed to: submissions.bejournal@gmail.com

The idea for Birmingham Egyptology arose in 2003 following the graduation of a class of MA Egyptology students eager to maintain their social network. In the following years members met socially and, on occasions, joined together for field trips and enjoyed involvement in research projects and, as a result, several of the original members of the group are still in regular contact. The group newsletter was first published in 2006 and circulation was extended to other interested groups and societies within the discipline.

With the addition of new members through the various postgraduate programmes at Birmingham numbers have gradually increased until, by 2011 it was felt that we had sufficient strength in depth to host the CRE conference. That event took place in March 2012, its apparent success inspiring our most recent development: the formation of the Birmingham Egyptology Forum.

The Forum brings current postgraduates together with alumni, other students and academics associated with University of Birmingham, and members of the public to work on a variety of projects. Regular seminars are held within the University to discuss matters of mutual interest. Other activities continue the work relating to the Eton Myers collection of objects currently on loan to the University following on from the initial catalogue of essays published on the University web site in June 2012.

A summary of Birmingham Egyptology activities are presented on this web site to engage the interest of all persons interested in the topics raised, and updates will be made from time to time as opportunity allows. Items of the type formally published in the newsletter will now appear on the blog section whereas those of a more academic nature will appear in the journal section. The Birmingham Egyptology Journal, ISSN 2053-3586, is a peer-reviewed publication, available free of charge, which provides a platform for the presentation of scholarly articles relating to the culture, history, and archaeology of ancient Egypt and to which Birmingham Egyptology invite contributions from outside sources. Those interested in submitting articles may wish to consult the guidelines for contributors outlined in the ‘Journal’ section.

The Birmingham Egyptology website is published by the Birmingham Egyptology Group, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Birmingham Egyptology members working on a temporary exhibition in the Eton Myers collection