About us

Birmingham Egyptology brings together current students, alumni, and academics associated with the University of Birmingham who have an interested in ancient Egypt.

Our central goal is to create community for those interested in ancient Egypt, especially amongst University of Birmingham students.

We have found that community is central to developing healthy relationships amongst students at the University and those in the wider academic community in the UK and overseas.

We run events to support this goal. Our events include: 

  • Movie nights
  • Quizzes
  • Talks
  • Craft workshops
  • Birmingham Symposium

We also work closely with the Eton Myers Collection, on loan from Eton College.

For more information, check out Eton Myers Collection project.


In 2003, Birmingham Egyptology started as a way to maintain relationships between those who graduated from the Master of Arts in Egyptology.

In the following years, these students regularly met socially and professionally. 

In 2006, a group newsletter started and was circulated to other interested groups and societies in Egyptology. This resulted in the group gaining more members.

By 2011, the group decided to host the Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) conference, which took place in March 2012. 

The success of CRE led to the formation of the Birmingham Egyptology Forum as it stands today. 

In addition, Birmingham Egyptology started the Birmingham Egyptology Journal (ISSN: 2053-3586). The Journal launched on 14 March 2013.

For more information, please see Birmingham Egyptology Journal.


This website is published by: 

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Organising Committee

The Birmingham Egyptology team is made up of current and former University of Birmingham postgraduate researchers.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to Birmingham Egyptology, feel free to reach out at submissions.bejournal@gmail.com.