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Farmer’s Pride publications and other documents

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Proposal to establish a European network

The Farmer’s Pride project has laid the foundations for a regional network of sites, populations and stakeholders — a European network for in situ conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources, on farm and in the wild.

This document explains the rationale for the establishment of the network, the aim and objectives of the network, who would be involved, what the benefits of membership would be, and how it would operate.

Language versions available: Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Conserving Europes Plant Genetic Diversity PDF

About Farmer’s Pride

An overview of the Farmer’s Pride project, its objectives, activities and partner organizations (pdf).

Language versions available: CroatianDanishEnglishFinnishGreekHungarianSwedish and Spanish.

Please print as A4 size and fold to A5.

Policy brief

A call for policymakers to work with Farmer’s Pride and other stakeholders to ensure adequate policies are in place for in situ conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in Europe (pdf).

Language versions available: Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and German.

Landraces journal issue 5

Landraces journal

A newsletter to disseminate and promote landrace conservation activities and related research. Landraces was initiated by the  PGR Secure project (Issues 1–3). 

Issue 4 (pdf) and Issue 5 (pdf) are publications of the Farmer’s Pride project. They explore landrace conservation throughout Europe, including reconstructing a barley landrace, reintroduction of a Danish asparagus landrace, conservation of a common bean landrace in Portugal, and protecting Spanish traditional knowledge on landraces.

Farmer’s Pride International Conference flyer

Download our leaflet about our October 2020 conference in Portugal – and spread the word.

The conference includes presentations on aspects of global in situ (including on-farm) conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources, a round table discussion with key policymakers, and the launch of the European Network for In Situ Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources.