Crop wild relatives

Tool: Crop wild relatives in European protected areas

Do you want to know which crop wild relatives (CWR) are in protected areas?

This tool allows you to find out which CWR are likely to occur in your protected areas. You can search by Species/Protected area and Species/Habitats.

Crop wild relatives in the Natura 2000 network

In this report, Farmer’s Pride project partners assess the potential of the Natura 2000 network to secure crop wild relative (CWR) diversity. They present results of analyses showing the priority CWR populations that occur within the limits of the network and analyse the coverage and efficiency of the Natura 2000 network as a tool for CWR in situ conservation. 

Crop wild relative population management guidelines

Are you interested in practical conservation of crop wild relative populations in situ (on-site)?

This document provides protected area managers, farmers, other land managers, conservation practitioners, and any other professionals or volunteers involved in the conservation of crop wild relatives, with practical guidelines on how to manage populations in situ.

Crop wild relative network design

A regional analysis of priority CWR distribution and identification of candidate locations for the establishment of genetic reserves for the active in situ conservation of populations.

Workflow design to determine the specific charateristics of the networks of CWR that contributed to their success

Crop wild relative network showcases – analysis and best practises

What factors contribute to the success of crop wild relative in situ conservation networks?

Based on a review and analysis of a range of networks, a best practice evidence-base showcases successful design, implementation and management practices to inform the establishment of the European network for in situ conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources.

Crop wild relative in situ conservation case studies

This report provides an extensive list of experiences related to in situ conservation of crop wild relatives. It comprises 57 initiatives with the names of the networks, the type of network, the countries in which they occur, target CWR taxa and source information, including bibliographic references, contact institutions and/or web links.

In situ plant genetic resources in Europe: crop wild relatives

This report describes the work of Farmer’s Pride project partners to increase knowledge about the occurrence of natural populations of crop wild relatives (CWR), as well as the existence of active in situ conservation actions.