Access to plant genetic resources

Identifying in situ areas with useful adaptive traits

This report highlights important traits that are currently sought by farmers and breeders in Europe and identifies some in situ crop wild relative and landrace populations that are likely to contain them based on predictive characterization.

Improving access to in situ plant genetic resources

Access to in situ plant genetic resources is generally very poor. Here we analyse the factors influencing access to PGR conserved in situ propose improvements. As illustration of one of these improvements, a website was created, with examples from the Netherlands and Turkey, to show how access to information on in situ PGR could be achieved.

Guidelines for integrated in situ and ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources

To assure the safety of in situ material safety back-up is essential. To promote ex situ safety back-up, a dialogue between in situ managers in the Netherlands and Spain has started.  Based on these interactions, guidelines for safety back-up are presented, with templates for the Material Transfer Agreement that should accompany the seeds.

Concept for a possible extension of EURISCO for in situ crop wild relative and on-farm landrace data

This document constitutes a first proposal for a possible extension of the European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources (EURISCO) for in situ crop wild relatives and on-farm landrace data.