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Farmer’s Pride project webinars and presentations.

Eurosite/ Farmer’s Pride Webinar: Crop wild relative conservation – adding value to Europe’s natural sites

Eurosite hosted a webinar in June 2020 to highlight the value of crop wild relatives in a European and global context and to explain  which species are a priority for conservation in Europe and why. Crop wild relatives (CWR) are wild plant species that provide vital diversity for adapting and improving our crops – particularly in the race to combat the adverse impacts of climate change on agricultural production systems. Farmer’s Pride project research has shown that a significant number of CWR species occur within protected areas in Europe, including at least two thirds of the highest priority species in need of conservation action in the region.

Presentations and the Q&A report can be accessed here

‘Conserving Crop Landraces and Wild Relatives’ session at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Oxford, UK, 9 January 2020

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