What should I ask the doctor at my child’s first appointment or consultation?

The NHS gives great guidance on what you should ask on your first appointment (Click here).

Though from their own experiences, these were the questions our volunteer group most wanted to ask:

  • What type of tumour is it, and are there other options it could be?
  • Is it benign or malignant?  What grade is the tumour?
  • What is the prognosis / Can you cure it?
  • What are the treatment options?
  • What are the effects of not having the treatment/s?
  • What are the long-term effects from both the tumour and the (non-)treatment options?
  • How long has the tumour been there?
  • What can or can’t our child do now? e.g. school, sports, etc…
  • Now that they’re diagnosed, what changes should I look out for?