About Us

AndrewProf. Andrew Peet

I divide my time between being a doctor treating children with brain tumours and leading research projects by the CBTRT team.  My research interests are in developing magnetic resonance imaging for the improved diagnosis, treatment and understanding of childhood cancer.

ChrisChris Bennett

I am the research technician for the group. I study the chemicals within tissue to see how they are different between different tumours and  if they can tell us how aggressive a tumour is likely to be.


Dadi Zhao

As a PhD student working in cancer research, I am currently developing algorithms to help identify types of brain tumours using functional imaging and machine learning.  My research interests focus on signal processing and psychiatric disorder study.

Heather Rose

As a research associate I facilitate the handling and processing of data obtained for multi-centre imaging studies, with the development and adaptation of advanced analysis techniques and analysis pathways for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) data being central to my role.


Karen Manias

I am a doctor treating children with brain tumours and other types of cancer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I am currently working towards a PhD with the CBTRT.


LaraLara Worthington
I am a clinical scientist at Birmingham Children’s hospital. My role involves improving image quality, safety, research and development in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) within the trust.

StephStephanie Withey

I am a clinical scientist and my research is about measuring blood flow in brain tumours using the MRI scanners. I also check that the scanners are working properly and are run safely.

Stephen Powell

I am a PhD student and a part of the Physical Sciences for Health Doctoral Training Centre.

Yu Sun

As an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Science at the University of Birmingham, I work with Professor Andrew Peet’s research team on advanced imaging research of Children’s brain disease and health development.  My research interests focus on the development of magnetic resonance imaging for the investigation of childhood health and brain sciences.