Past members

BenBen Babourina-Brooks

I am a Research Fellow in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics and I explore the information we get from Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) to see if there are links between brain tumour chemicals and temperature with patient outcomes, such as survival rates. In the end, this will help doctors make better decisions about the treatment plan for each patient.

Emma Meeus

I am a PhD student, and my project focuses on the reliability of measuring the movement of water within biological tissues using diffusion MRI methods.


Emma Metcalfe-Smith

I am a PhD student and also a part of the Physical Sciences for Health Centre for Doctoral Training.

Haydn Munford

I am a PhD student, and my research focuses on a brain tumour found in children called medulloblastoma. I grow large numbers of cancer cells so I can test what we think we know about these, rather than use precious brain tissue.

JaneJane Crouch

In my role as the Trial Co-ordinator (Imaging Study), I am responsible for the set-up, progress and management of research across the portfolio of Professor Andrew Peet’s multi-centre functional imaging research studies. My role involves supporting a large and amazing research team, checking data, adding new sites, giving ethical guidance; submit amendments to ethics and to make sure approvals are in place. As the main point of contact, I have to ensure the studies are run smoothly.


I am a Research Fellow with a background in Sociology.  I am undertaking research for the National Institute of Health Research, in order to get views direct from Birmingham Children’s Hospital patients with brain tumours, and their families, about certain aspects of their care.


Niloufar-ZarinabadNiloufar Zarinabad

I am a research fellow in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Science at the University of Birmingham with a  background in signal processing and medical imaging.  My research interests focus on development of magnetic resonance imaging analysis methods and how these can be used to give doctors more information about diseases.  This helps them diagnose more accurately and may help with decisions made in the clinic.

Rob Murren

I am currently doing my PhD, aiming to improve current treatments for brain tumours. I spend my days in the lab looking at the fat droplets in one particular brain tumour, glioblastoma.

Sarah Kohe

I am a research fellow working on improving the identification and biological understanding of brain tumours using metabolite (chemical) profiles collected from tumour tissue, along with other pathology and imaging features. I am especially interested in the biology and metabolite profiles of one of the most common childhood brain tumours, Medulloblastoma..