Fundraising for the NHS: Policy and Practice in Scotland by Dr Ellen Stewart (University of Strathclyde) and Dr Kathy Dodworth (University of Edinburgh)

Public fundraising for the NHS – via official ‘NHS Charities’ – grew exponentially during the covid-19 pandemic. NHS Charities Together’s Urgent Covid-19 Appeal raised around £150 million. However the precise goals of the fundraising were not always clear. This relates to very patchy visibility of NHS Charities across the UK: one NHS charity staffer we interviewed…

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Getting back to the Archives by Gareth Millward

As the country begins to open up, so are the nation’s archives. While not every library, county records office, museum or any other form of heritage centre is fully accessible yet, many have been running controlled opening hours for months. I decided to take advantage. I joined the Border Crossings project in May, working on…

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Crowdfunding healthcare in Shetland: maakin the NHS

Author Ellen Stewart, University of Edinburgh. The tiny, twin prop plane landed at Sumburgh Airport in Shetland and we boarded the bus into town. It felt like an odd quasi-homecoming; the familiar made ineffably strange. Shetland is an archipelago of islands sitting in the middle of the North Sea. My Mum is a Shetlander and my…

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Public fundraising for the NHS, and its discomforts

Authors Ellen Stewart and Kathy Dodworth. The fundraising of Captain Tom Moore and many others during the coronavirus outbreak has propelled charitable giving to the NHS into the public eye. At the time of writing, NHS Charities Together had raised over £100 million for its emergency Covid-19 appeal “that acknowledges and supports NHS staff and…

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