Shabti Translation Project

Students within the College of Arts and Law have been working on the new ‘Shabti Translation Project’, which aims to examine the inscriptions of shabtis currently on loan to the University of Birmingham from the Eton Myers collection, bequeathed to Eton College (see the ‘Virtual Museum’ section for further details of previous research and exhibitions …

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Edward Mushett Cole at Rosetta Forum: ‘Seven pious nonentities’?

On Tuesday 27th May, Edward Mushett Cole presented to the Rosetta Forum (, giving a talk entitled “‘Seven Pious Nonentities’: a reassessment of the later 20th Dynasty kings and their political power”. For those of you unable to attend that event, here is a brief summary of what was a fascinating talk:   Edward’s PhD …

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It’s Tiye time – Forum report available

The report of the Forum on the 28th February 2014, chaired by Kelee Siat, is available to read on the ‘Last Session’ section of this website (under the Forum tab) for a week or so. Thereafter it will move to the ‘Previous Sessions’ section. We do not normally post on the homepage when new Forum …

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Late Period Coffins: Katharina Stövesand (Cologne/UCL)

  A brief report about last Friday’s Forum session (31st January) is available in the Forum: Last Sessions tab on this website. Katharina visited Birmingham to present her PhD research so far to members at the Forum. It was an enlightening presentation and Katharina was very willing to answer all our questions. She will be …

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The topic to be presented at the forthcoming session of the Forum may be of interest to those specializing in disciplines outside Egyptology. Eleanor Simmance will present the question for discussion: Should marginalised groups write their own history? This event will now take place at 5pm on Friday 31st May 2013 in the Whiting Room.

The Virtual Museum

A recent session of the Birmingham Egyptology Forum addressed the question, Virtual Museums: What are they and what do they do? and, as can be seen from the write up in the ‘Previous Sessions’ section of the Forum page, this gave rise to some lively debate. The session was chaired by Mary Ann Marazzi, a doctoral …

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