Late Period Coffins: Katharina Stövesand (Cologne/UCL)

Katharina Stoevesand on Late Period Coffins
Katharina explaining decorative features on Late Period Coffins and their regional variations


A brief report about last Friday’s Forum session (31st January) is available in the Forum: Last Sessions tab on this website. Katharina visited Birmingham to present her PhD research so far to members at the Forum. It was an enlightening presentation and Katharina was very willing to answer all our questions. She will be presenting a poster at the Birmingham Egyptology Symposium on the 21st February, and we hope she will continue to keep in touch with us in the future.


One surprise for her was the presence of a Late Period coffin lid in the University’s Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology Museum, in which the Forum sessions are held. Excavated by John Garstang  in Beni Hassan, it is dated to around 550BC and is inscribed for a man named Ahmose, but the lid is known as ‘George’ by many in the department, and ‘he’ keeps watch over many seminars. The strange history of the coffin lid was detailed in an article last year by Emily Millward, PhD candidate at Birmingham. We shared the article on our website then, but here is the link once again, since the lid became was so relevant to our recent Forum session and to our guest Katharina!

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