Birmingham Egyptology Programme September – December 2022


For our OCTOBER meeting, we’ll be exploring some basic ancient Egyptian beadwork techniques. Materials will be provided for those attending in person (but bring your own if you have a preference for specific colours or styles). You can also join us via Zoom; we’ll provide a list of the materials you’ll need.
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For our NOVEMBER meeting, grab some popcorn and join Birmingham Egyptology for a Movie Night! We’ll be watching the classic 1932 The Mummy (Boris Karloff version), complete with Egyptomania cliché bingo cards.
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For our DECEMBER meeting, It’s Christmas!!! And Christmas is all about games!

To celebrate the end of the semester, we’ll be playing the ancient Egyptian board game senet, and some more recent games inspired by all things ancient Egyptian!
In addition, there will be a quiz for those both in person and online.

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