In January 2024, Dr. Maria Witek and co-researchers on the ‘Embodied Timing and Disability in DJ Practice’ project, Caroline Cooke and Gemma Nash, visited Berlin. They presented the research at Berlin Ethnomusicology and the Anthropology of Music Research Group (BEAM), and met with DJ technology developers Native Instruments, to discuss how the findings from the project can inform the development of more accessible DJ tools.


In August 2023, we hosted a workshop together with project partners Drake Music and Native Instruments, exploring preliminary findings from the AHRC funded project ‘Embodied Timing and Disability in DJ Practice’. You can read about the workshop here.

In March 2023, Dr Maria Witek spoke to BBC Radio West Midlands and BBC Radio 4 Today about the ongoing reserch project investigating the neural and bodily mechanisms of DJs beatmatching. She was joined by DJ Mistress Mo, who participated in the study. The BBC also created a short summary of the interview that can be read here.


On November 22nd 2022, Dr Maria Witek is featured live on the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Mid-morning show, answering the question “why do people have different musical tastes?”

Dr Patti Nijhuis and Dr Maria Witek visited Dept. of Music and Dance, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, in October 2022. The purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge about music cognition and neuroscience, and discuss continuing collaboration and student exchange. You can read about the visit in Patti’s blog post. Patti also joined our hosts Dr. Wise Wunu and Dr. Eric Deborah Otchere for an interview with ATL FM, UCC’s campus radio station. You can watch and listen to the interview here.

Dr Maria Witek talks with Saleem Reshamwala at More than a Feeling Podcast about vibe and distributed emotion on the dancefloor. The episode also discusses musical emotions and infant-caregiver interactions.