In March 2024, participants from the project ‘Embodied Timing and Disability in DJ Practice’ performed at MOBILISE – Birmingham’s sober, queer, accessible silent disco party.

DJing and Disability Workshop

In August 2023, we hosted a workshop together with our partners Drake Music and Native Instruments, discussing the findings of the research project ‘Embodied Timing and Disability in DJ Practice’. You can read about the workshop here.

Music and Embodiment Seminar Series (MESS)

Together with Dr Andrea Schiavio at University of York, Dr Maria Witek is organising an online seminar series on music and embodiment between November 2022 and September 2023. Our first two speakers are Prof. David Borgo and Prof. Vijay Iyer. Please see the MESS website for more information about the talks and instructions on how to sign up!