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Proposed minimum reporting standards for chemical analysis

LW Sumner, A Amberg, D Barrett, MH Beale, R Beger, CA Daykin, ...
Metabolomics 3 (3), 211-221

Cited by: 1181
Year: 2007

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High-throughput tissue extraction protocol for NMR-and MS-based metabolomics

H Wu, AD Southam, A Hines, MR Viant
Analytical biochemistry 372 (2), 204-212

Cited by: 415
Year: 2008

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Environmental metabolomics: a critical review and future perspectives

JG Bundy, MP Davey, MR Viant
Metabolomics 5 (1), 3

Cited by: 429
Year: 2009

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NMR-based metabolomics: a powerful approach for characterizing the effects of environmental stressors on organism health

MR Viant, ES Rosenblum, RS Tjeerdema
Environmental science & technology 37 (21), 4982-4989
Cited by: 394
Year: 2003

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Evaluation of metabolite extraction strategies from tissue samples using NMR metabolomics

CY Lin, H Wu, RS Tjeerdema, MR Viant
Metabolomics 3 (1), 55-67

Cited by: 284
Year: 2007

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Improved methods for the acquisition and interpretation of NMR metabolomic data

MR Viant
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 310 (3), 943-948

Cited by: 279
Year: 2003

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Mass appeal: metabolite identification in mass spectrometry-focused untargeted metabolomics

WB Dunn, A Erban, RJM Weber, DJ Creek, M Brown, R Breitling, ... Metabolomics 9 (1 Supplement), 44-66

Cited by: 256
Year: 2013

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