Metabolomics & Systems Toxicology Laboratory

Professor Mark Viant’s research team develops and applies metabolomics in the field of human and environmental toxicology, focusing extensively on finding novel solutions for industry and regulators in chemical safety science.


Long-established external collaborations form a cornerstone of the Metabolomics & Systems Toxicology Laboratory, with industry, government and regulatory agencies. Our Technology Collaboration with Beckman Coulter and Technology Alliance Partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific enable extensive developments of new analytical methods in metabolomics.

Our strategic collaborations with Unilever and AstraZeneca enable us to better understand and address the chemical safety science ‘problem space’ within the consumer products and drug discovery sectors. Similarly, directing our academic research towards well defined regulatory needs is greatly facilitated through collaborations with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the European Chemicals Agency.


Metabolomics facilities and training opportunities at Birmingham are world-class, including the £8M Phenome Centre Birmingham that is focused on human health, disease and toxicology, and the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre which provides multiple online and face-to-face training courses in metabolomics, including its applications to toxicology.


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Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer
Metabolomics data
Metabolomics data