Analytical and Informatic Facilities

Sample preparation robots

Beckman Coulter FXp sample preparation robot

Beckman Coulter FXp and NXp liquid handling robotics, including a unique integration of a bead-based tissue homogeniser and centrifuge for metabolite extraction of low biomass samples.

Phenome Centre Birmingham

The Phenome Centre Birmingham is a metabolomics facility focused on human health and toxicology, directed by Professor Mark Viant, houses eleven mass spectrometers and two NMR spectrometers for untargeted and targeted metabolite analyses (three Thermo Scientific UHPLC Q Exactive Focus, LTQ Orbitrap Elite, two UHPLC Quantiva, four Waters UPLC Xevo G2-XS QTof, UPLC Xevo TQ-S, two Bruker 600MHz NMR spectrometers).

Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre

The Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre is one of the largest training facilities for metabolomics in Europe, directed by Dr Warwick Dunn and co-founded by Professor Mark Viant, houses two mass spectrometers for untargeted metabolomics (Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC Q Exactive Plus, Waters UPLC Xevo G2-XS QTof with DESI imaging capability).

Informatics resources (hardware)


High performance computing (BlueBEAR), dedicated Research Data Storage (secure, replicated, fast access), and a Galaxy instance for processing standardised workflows.

Informatics resources (software)


Shared openly through our dedicated GitHub Viant metabolomics and GitHub Computational Metabolomics groups, and the Galaxy Tool Shed.