Value Creation Stories

Developing relational expertise between autistic and non-autistic participants

Learning to talk with autistic people – Roberta Sala, CeDisMa Team Member in Italy

The rarity of finding people who will listen – Simone Stabilini, Expert reference group in Italy

The power of video clips in including the autistic voice – Eleni Angelidi, Trainer in Greece

The importance of motivation and interest – Damian Milton, autistic lecturer teacher and father of child with autism

Learning at the margins – Rebecca Wood, TAE project Manager

A mirror to my practice – Teacher in mainstream school, anonymous, UK

Improving knowledge and skills through developing the training collaboratively – Roberta Cuzzolin, scholastic office, trainer in Italy

The value of autistic participation – Pam Simpson and Lesley Baker, Communication Autism Team in Birmingham City Council, UK

Changing conceptualizations and practice in the domain

New learning about teaching autistic pupils – Luigi D’Alonzo, Professor in UCSC, Italy

Thinking and acting differently – Elena Giouroukou, Trainer in Greece

The power of a positive vision – Zozefina Tzonaka: Trainer, Greece

A reflective tool – Elena Zanfroni, Coordinator of CeDisMa

Reflection on my learning – Ilaria Folci, CeDisMa team member

Challenging the way I think about inclusion – Lila Kossyvaki, Lecturer in the UK

Developing a collaborative funding proposal – Paola Molteni, Project Manager in Italy

Changing the way we work as a team – Katerina S, Trainer in Greece

Learning through collaborating to develop training – Maria Grazia Radaelli, Scholastic office trainer in Italy

Boundaries and boundary objects as powerful contexts

Strengthening links between the scholastic office, schools and the University – Renata Cumino, Head Teacher in Italy

Looking at practice with a different lens – Sarah-Jane Critchley, AET in the UK

Learning from school visits – Pam Simpson, Communication Autism Team in the UK