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TAPAS Going “Virtual” during COVID19

TAPAS Virtual Workshop June 2020 Review by Luis Moran The TAPAS Workshop was celebrated online due to the unprecedented circumstances, that we have all experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was still a very exciting academic experience and the teamwork, and organization were the protagonists under these circumstances. The virtual TAPAS workshop 2020 consisted… Read more »

TAPAS Training Workshop 2, Wurzburg October 2019

Report by Ilaria De Simone The TAPAS workshop in Würzburg was a three-day meeting, consisting of lectures, workshops and presentations of the ESRs. On Monday evening, the ESRs gathered in a Mexican restaurant, while the supervisors and supervisory board attended the management dinner. The next day, the TAPAS Summer School actually started and was kicked… Read more »

UK Platelet Society Meeting, Cambridge 12th – 13th September 2019

Meeting Overview by Natalie Jooss: The meeting of the UK platelet society 2019 was a two-day conference consisting of in total 6 sessions and a poster session. Three sessions each day, were started off with a 30-minute presentation given by a keynote speaker, following 4 to 5 10-minute presentations of early state researchers (PhD students,… Read more »

First TAPAS Publication

June 2019 saw the publication of the first TAPAS publication. Congratulations to first authors; Natalie J. Jooss, Ilaria De Simone, Isabella Provenzale, Delia I. Fernández, who are all TAPAS early stage researchers at the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM), Maastricht University. Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences Special Issue Molecular and Cellular Basis of Thrombotic… Read more »

USC visit to Maastricht

Recently Prof. Ángel García and Luis Moran (ESR15), from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), visited Prof Johan Heemskerk’s lab at Maastricht University (UM) to discuss TAPAS research and see a demonstration with the Maastricht flow chamber. Photo from left to right: Ilaria De Simone, Delia I. Fernández, Prof Johan Heemskerk, Prof Ángel García,… Read more »

TAPAS Coordinator Visits Uni of Santiago

In April 19, TAPAS Coordinator, Prof Steve Watson, visited Prof. Ángel García’s lab at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), for a tour of facilities at the Platelet Proteomics Group at the Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases (CIMUS) and to give a seminar. The successful trip was also used to… Read more »