UK Platelet Society Meeting, Cambridge 12th – 13th September 2019

Meeting Overview by Natalie Jooss:

The meeting of the UK platelet society 2019 was a two-day conference consisting of in total 6 sessions and a poster session. Three sessions each day, were started off with a 30-minute presentation given by a keynote speaker, following 4 to 5 10-minute presentations of early state researchers (PhD students, Post-docs). Overall, many PhD students were given the opportunity to introduce their research with a 10-minute presentation.

Next to many, excellent talks focusing on Platelet formation and function, platelet pharmacology, novel experimental approaches, unmet clinical needs, interactions with platelets with other cells / organisms or the extracellular matrix. One of the highlights was the Gustav Born Memorial lecture given by Richard Farndale about “The role of vessel wall collagens in thrombus formation”. In this lecture he elegantly summarized one of the most fundamental findings during his career in honour of his retirement.

Most of the present TAPAS students were given the opportunity to present part of their research with a poster.

Photo taken in the inner yard of the West Court at Jesus College in Cambridge: