TAPAS Training Workshop 2, Wurzburg October 2019

Report by Ilaria De Simone
The TAPAS workshop in Würzburg was a three-day meeting, consisting of lectures, workshops and presentations of the ESRs. On Monday evening, the ESRs gathered in a Mexican restaurant, while the supervisors and supervisory board attended the management dinner.

The next day, the TAPAS Summer School actually started and was kicked off by Prof. Bernhard Nieswandt, who gave an introduction of the University Hospital Würzburg and Rudolf Virchow Center. It was followed by an overview of the TAPAS project by Steve Watson, Jon Gibbins and Bernhard Nieswandt. Next, there were talks about virtual enterprise and public engagement. Just like the locals, we enjoyed a lunch in the canteen of the university building. In the afternoon, we visited the laboratories and had a practical workshop in murine thrombosis models. Using microscopy, we saw some of the possibilities of these models.

In the evening, we came together for a dinner at Alter Kranen, where we had typical German food. This was a good opportunity to catch up with all supervisors and supervisory board. On Wednesday and Thursday, the ESRs presented their own work so far in a 10 minutes presentation. After each presentation, there was room for discussion. On Wednesday evening, the ESRs enjoyed the ‘Night Watch’ in which a guide showed Wurzburg city center and its rich history.

Thursday, the longest part of the day the ESRs continued to present their data. Next to scientific talks, there were also talks that focused on management styles for more effective research and on how to translate your research to the industry.