INSTA QT offers national and international quantum technology researchers from academia and industry a continuous opportunity to spend time in the facilities provided by our UK partners to trial and validate their quantum sensor and timing developments.

The list of facilities available to INSTA QT partners and participants includes:

  • UK National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) that allows the assessment of sensors for the detection of underground targets and soil moisture;
  • University of Birmingham Radar and Timing network that help to assess novel time distribution techniques and applications of quantum enabled radar;
  • Nottingham Magnetically Shielded Room and OPM MEG system to trial new types of quantum magnetometers and application in healthcare;
  • BGS Geoenergy Test bed to trial Carbon Sequestration Monitoring.

We will work with NPL, taking advantage of their extensive development of leading-edge quantum clock and timing validation and distribution systems, as a National Measurement Institute strongly engaged in international NMI preparations for a future redefinition of the SI second. Together with NPL and BSI, we will develop advanced measurement methodologies and standards for the assessment of quantum sensors and clocks. Future visitors and users will be able to obtain an objective comparison of real-world performance of international sensor developments.

Additionally, we encourage our partners and participants to visit either virtually or in-person their international or UK collaborators’ labs for up to 6 months. Visiting UK researchers to international partners and participants will be equipped with augmented reality hardware, allowing for UK participants to virtually participate in laboratory visits.

If you are interested in applying for a travel and subsistence bursary to either trial and validate your technology, or to visit your collaborators’ labs for up to 6 months please contact Joanna Fletcher on