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The INSTA-QT collaborates with a dynamic community of cross-disciplinary scientists and policy experts to exchange and disseminate the experience, identify needs and synergistic opportunities, and determine potential solutions.

We are linking to world leading experts in ultracold atom quantum technologies (Germany), next-generation strontium systems and relativistic geodesy with clocks (Italy), smart nano-sensors (Australia), quantum technology devices (Singapore) and laser materials (Germany, Finland), all of which strategically complement UK expertise and capabilities.

We are bringing in world leading experts in developing countries on monitoring natural disasters (Mexico), experts in water needs for farming in developing countries (Angola) and climate change (Thailand), complemented by expertise in the geosciences (Germany) and underground water (Australia).

We are focusing on centres such as in Mexico and Thailand, with their rapidly growing population of young researchers, complemented by a wide reach across Africa with the OneQuantum Africa network. Our linkages to leading quantum centres in developed countries attract highly educated experts.

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