What we do

INSTA QT is an International Network for Sensor and Timing Applications in Quantum Technologies.

We aim to tackle global challenges, as set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and United Kingdom Global Challenges Programme.

We partner with cross-disciplinary scientists and policy experts in 12 countries, spread across 5 continents, to establish Global Virtual Workshops, which will each be specific to the different global challenges, which are: no poverty, zero hunger; good health and wellbeing; climate action; clean water and sanitation and sustainable cities and communities.

We also facilitate the exchange of research ideas by provision of funding for international research visits to and from the United Kingdom.

We are passionate about enabling exchanges of international researchers to test and validate their quantum sensors within the UK based test and validation facilities, which include the National Buried Infrastructure Facility, Networked Radar Facility, Quantum Magnetometer Magnetoencephalography Facility, Clock and Oscillator Characterisation Facility, and BGS Geo-energy Testbed with some carbon sequestration trial capabilities.

Our centres work together to take a strategic approach in linking problem areas to carefully considered solutions, with the advantage of collaborating across a collectively large number of experts across a very wide geographical breadth.