Dr Jun Sun

Post-doc 2018-20

Now a non-clinical research scientist at GrandParma, China

Dr Maria Losada Perez

Post-doc 2014-16

Now a senior post-doc in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Neurosciences Department, Cajal Institute, Spain

Dr Jill Wentzell

Post-doc 2011-13

Now a project manager at Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

Dr Bangfu Zhu

Post-doc 2003-08

Now a research associate in the School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience, University of Bristol

Dr Elena Tartaglini

Post-doc 2000

Now a science teacher at Matignon High School, United States

Dr Maria Dolores Perez- Sanchez

Post-doc 2018-21

Now a post-doc at the Universidad de Murcia, Spain

Dr Neale Harrison

Post-doc 2013-17

Now a post-doc researcher in Michael Tomlinson’s lab at the University of Birmingham

Dr Istvan Foldi

Post-doc 2011-2014

Research Associate at Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr Kentaro Kato

Post-doc 2006-13

Now a faculty member in the School of Medicine, Kyorin University, Japan

Prof Manuel G. Forero

Post-doc 2004-10

Now a professor in the School of Engineering, Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia

PhD Students

Dr Suzana Ulian Benitez

PhD 2018

Now a post-doc researcher at at Buck Institute for Research on Aging, US

Dr Mei-Ann Lim

PhD 2015

Now a Lecturer at Institute of Health Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei

Dr Graham McIlroy

PhD 2011

Now a clinical trials research fellow at University of Birmingham

Dr Jenny Pennack

PhD 2008

Dr Peter McQuilton

PhD 2004

Worked for FlyBase for 10 years; now a metadata and standards expert at GSK

Dr Gwen Booth

PhD 2001

Academic HR Officer at the Mathematical, physical and life sciences division, University of Oxford

Dr Elizabeth Connolly

PhD 2021

Now a post-doc researcher at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Niki Anthoney

PhD 2017

Now a post-doc researcher at Queensland Brain Institute, Australia

Dr Ben Sutcliffe

PhD 2010

Now an investigator scientist at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Dr Simon Bishop

PhD 2013

Now a medical and science writer

Prof Anabel Rodríguez Learte

PhD 2006

Now a ‎professor of Embryology and Developmental Biology at The European University

Dr Rachel Griffiths

PhD 2004

Now a genetic counsellor at Private Practice and Clinical Practice

Dr Guiyi Li

PhD 2019

Now Post-doc at University of Birmingham

Masters Students

Alison Newman MSc 2021

Boijin Marinov MSc 2020

Brandon Carling MSc 2020

Shaleen Glasgow MRes 2020

Naser Alshamsi MSc 2019

Jacob Hasenauer MSci 2018

Alex Dyson

MSci 2018

Ilgim Durmus

MBioTech 2017

Ruiying Jiang

MBioTech 2016

Marc Pizachlea

MBioTech 2015

Megha Rai

MSci 2014

David Acton

MSci 2012

Tammy Brates

MPhil Cambridge 1999

Gabrielle Smith

MRes 2017

Joan Roig Soriano

MRes 2017

Alicia Gascon Ubieda

MRes 2016

Karthik Ponnadai Nallisavan

MRes 2014

Chineyne Okenwa

MRes 2013

Jenny Heath

MRes 2009

Research Technicians

Martin Fenton


Shrikant Jondhale


Edward Kinrade


Caitriona O’Brien


Janine Fenton


Marios Georgiou

Cambridge 1997-98