Objects Come to Life – Articles

Objects Come to Life: Object centred exhibitions in private collections”, by Stephanie L Boonstra

“Balabish: Rediscovering an expedition”, by Carl Graves

“Living With the Gods: Religion and daily life in ancient Egypt”, by Maria Michela Luiselli

Tjehenet: The brilliant manufacture of Egyptian faience”, by Stephanie L Boonstra

“Some Significant Shabtis: How objects can illuminate a period of political and cultural change”, by Edward Mushett Cole

“Life Through Wax: Beeswax in ancient Egypt”, by Zara Shoosmith

“‘Would I Lie to You?’ The truth behind object marks and museum catalogue entries”, by Carla Gallorini

“The Four Sons of Horus: Guardians of the dead”, by Sarah Chapman

“The Organic Nature of Isis Imagery: An in-depth look at an Isis statuette”, by Harry Fowler

“A Vessel for this Life and the Next: A decorated Naqada II Period jar”, by Steven R. W. Gregory

“Gifts for the Gods: Animal votives and mummies in ancient Egypt”, by Brooke Norton

“The Discovery and Accessioning of the Shabti of Horwedja”, by Sigrid Nilsson


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