Birmingham Egyptology events March-May 2022

There are lots of interesting sessions on a wide range of topics and activities coming up in the next few months. We will be running all of these in a hybrid format (even those that do not seem like they are available digitally!); zoom links will be sent to members. They will all start at 5pm, except for the all-day Eton-Myers session and the tour on the 28th April which will start at the earlier time of 4pm to ensure that the Egypt Centre is still open!


4th March: Sam Powell – ‘Beadwork Bash’ (a hands-on session where we’ll learn the basic stitches for ancient Egyptian bead nets and broad collars).

18th March: Valentina Santini – ‘Egypt in Florence’

8th April: Eton-Myers working session – this will be an in-person session where you can help out with the mini-exhibition being prepared for the summer, as well as working on Eton-Myers Project object factsheets and will take place in the collection itself.

28th April: Ken Griffin, Collections Access Manager, The Egypt Centre – Virtual tour of the Egypt Centre, Swansea (Note: this will start at the earlier time of 4pm)

13th May: Film night

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