Coming soon! ‘Objects Come to Life’ exhibition

Stephanie Boonstra, PhD Candidate in Egyptology and Post Graduate Curator, Eton Myers Collection at the University of Birmingham, is now working with a number of colleagues to bring together a new exhibition for display in the Mingana Room at the OLRC campus of the University.

Entitled ‘Objects Come to Life: A Biography of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts’ the exhibits will explore the lives of the objects in the Eton Myers Collection, currently on loan from Eton College to the University of Birmingham. Many of these objects were collected in the late Nineteenth Century with no contextual information recorded. While many of the objects in the collection have no provenance, this exhibition seeks to illuminate the lifespans of these objects, discussing their production, use, and significance in ancient Egypt.

The exhibition will be open to the public in October 2016. Please contact curator Stephanie Boonstra ( for details and viewing information.



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