Eton Myers PG curatorship – Congratulations to Stephanie Boonstra

As many of you know, the University of Birmingham currently holds, on loan from Eton College, part of the collection of Egyptian objects of Major William Joseph Myers, an old Etonian who bequeathed his collection to the school before his death in the Boer War in1899. The collection at Birmingham is under the charge of Dr Martin Bommas and a postgraduate curator, the latter position recently being open for applications.

As such, we would like to congratulate Stephanie Boonstra on her successful application to the PG curatorship. Stephanie, who is from Canada, is currently studying for her Masters at UCL, where she has a contract as an Open Day Lecturer and works as a volunteer at both Egypt Exploration Society and the Petrie Museum. She has also excavated in Egypt (Delta Survey Project) and Jordan. We hope she will enjoy her time in Birmingham, and we look forward to welcoming her into the Birmingham Egyptology community when she starts in October.

Stephanie Boonstra


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