Project team

Project core team

Tom Pugh (PI)
University of Birmingham

Tom’s background is in computational modelling, particularly using global vegetation models. His research aims to improve understanding of the interactions between vegetation and environmental change at large scales, with a current focus on carbon turnover rates in vegetation. Tom is the lead investigator on TreeMort.

Oliver Phillips
University of Leeds

Oliver is a tropical forest ecologist whose work advances understanding of carbon dynamics and biodiversity in these ecosystems, particularly through long-term forest monitoring.

Mart-Jan Schelhaas
Wageningen University and Research Centre

Mart-Jan is an expert in ecosystem disturbances and application of forest inventory data to answer big questions about forest function, particularly focusing on European forests.

Daijun Liu
University of Birmingham

Daijun’s work has focused on global change effects on forest ecosystem structure and function, especially on ecophysiological and demographical changes. He has investigated climate change and nutrient availability on forest growth, tree mortality and species recruitment, richness and vegetation productivity. His research within TreeMort focuses on drought-induced tree mortality.

Nezha Acil
University of Birmingham

Nezha has a background in ecology and geoscience with experience in forest assessment, land surface monitoring and dynamics modelling. She is interested in the combination of field and satellite remote sensing methods to better understand how environmental changes affect forests across time, space and scales. Her research within TreeMort, as part of her PhD, will focus on storm-related tree mortality and its influence on global carbon cycling.

Adriane Esquivel Muelbert
University of Leeds/University of Birmingham

Adriane is a forest ecologist with deep roots in the tropics. She has focused her work on Neotropical forests combining biogeography with forest dynamics to study the impacts of global change on tree communities and tree turnover across the Amazon. In TreeMort Adriane will expand her research geographically and perform data analyses trying to answer how and why tree mortality vary globally.

Project partners

TreeMort relies on a large team of collaborators who provide expertise and information from around the world and a range of disciplines.

Miguel A. Zavala
Universidad de Alcala

Miguel is a forest ecologist that uses big data sets and models to understand ecosystem dynamics and to develop  climate change forest vulnerability and  adaptation scenarios .


Paloma Ruiz Benito
Universidad de Alcala

Paloma is a forest ecologist studying the interactive effects of global environmental change on forest functioning. Her research focus on better understanding the mechanisms and processes linking climate change, diversity, forest structure and dynamics, and functional biogeographyHer approach has frequently involved large spatial or long temporal scales, being interested in the use of multiple data sources and modelling approaches.

Tom Nagel
Universa v Ljubljani

Tom is a forest ecologist working on forest demography in Slovenian forests.


Further collaborators include researchers based at:
University of Leeds
University of Cambridge
Landcare Research
Technical University of Munich
University of Applied Sciences (BOKU) Vienna
Lund University
ETH Zurich
University of Dresden
British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
University of the Ryukyus
National Dong Hwa University
United States Forest Service