Datasets produced or contributed to by the TreeMort project can be found below.

Relating to: Understanding the uncertainty in global forest carbon turnover

Global vegetation model simulations, 1901-2014 and 1901-2100

Relating to: Important role of forest disturbances in the global biomass turnover and carbon sinks.

Carbon turnover from forest disturbances, 10.18161/disturbance_lpj-guess.201905
Stand-replacing disturbance rotation periods, 10.18161/disturbance_tauo.201905
Closed-canopy global forest mask, 10.18161/disturbance_forestmask.201905

Relating to: The role of forest regrowth in global carbon sink dynamics.

Forest regrowth net ecosystem carbon uptake, 10.18161/forest_regrowthCUptake.201901
Forest regrowth carbon stock in soil and litter, 10.18161/forest_regrowthCVegSoil.201901
Forest regrowth carbon recovery, 10.18161/forest_regrowthRecov.201901

The global forest age dataset and its uncertainties (GFADv1.1), 10.1594/PANGAEA.897392