QS-GAMES: Quantum Sensing – Ground, and Aquifer Monitoring for Environmental Sciences

QS-GAMES develops a transformative integrated framework that brings together novel sensors and practices in monitoring water in the ground (aquifer, leaks) to improve our understanding of seasonal variations and ensure supply of potable water now and in the future. To fulfil this ambition, we combine world leading expertise in quantum technology sensing, groundwater management, geophysical surveying, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and geotechnical engineering. The project will create the scientific evidence base for quantum technology gravity sensing for aquifer/reservoir monitoring and leak detection as well as trial new survey methodologies and integrations with existing sensing techniques and novel data processing approaches to provide more accurate information on the location of hidden water.

To achieve these goals, the project utilises a wide ranging and diverse group of researchers who will work collaboratively, with expertise in QT sensor development, geophysics, buried utilities, hydrology, environmental monitoring, data processing and machine learning.

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