Daniele Albertazzi Interviewed by Agence France Presse

Populism in Action’s Principal Investigator Daniele Albertazzi was recently interviewed by the Agence France Presse wire agency’s Alvise Armellini about the prospects for an alliance in the European Parliament between Poland’s PiS party, Hungary’s Fidesz party and Italy’s Lega party. 

He said that:

it was “not unrealistic” that PiS, Fidesz and Salvini’s League could form a common European Parliament grouping, adding: “There are strong practical and financial incentives to do it.” – adding that this could happen despite the lack of ideological cohesion between right-wing forces on some issues – “They may say similar things on the EU, that it has too much power, but when it comes to things like sharing asylum seekers… the (Dutch) PVV and Orban have very different interests from Salvini,”

You can read a full English language version of the syndicated article here on the Barron’s Magazine website.