Video: Understanding Right-Wing Populism in Finland

This post originally appeared on EA Worldview

In the fifth and final interview in Populism in Action’s first video series, Finland-focused Research Fellow Niko Hatakka explains the position and aspirations of the right-wing populist Finns Party.

Niko explains that, having moved from center-left to right in recent years, with a change of leadership in 2017, the Finns Party has undertaken development of organization and a social media strategy. At the same time, the Party’s members are often “loose” or “unaffiliated”, with their own political and ideological positions influencing the leadership.

So what chance of the Finns Party returning to a coalition Government?

Before Niko’s interview, I ask Stijn van Kessel, co-director of the Populism in Action Project, how European right-wing populist parties will respond to the UK’s impending departure from the European Union.

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