Women’s Genre Writing: From Turkey to the Rest of the World – 29 April 2022

A one-day, online symposium, 29 April 2022, organised by Özyeğin University as part of the Muslim Women’s Popular Fiction Network

With support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK

Registration link: https://ozyegin-edu-tr.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUtf-yprTIsEtwigKCmN6r11QdjN_Mar9-a

Symposium event page: https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/events/18974/%22women

Keynote Speakers:

Maureen Freely (The University of Warwick)

Aron Aji (The University of Iowa)

Translation is credited with breathing new life to texts, and giving voice to the voiceless. The work of women authors, however, remain bereft of new lives and new voices in the world’s many languages. This one-day symposium will focus on the work of women writers of Turkey in global waters. What does it mean to be an author from Turkey in the global book market? How does an author’s cultural identity play out in international mobility, promotion and reception of the work? More specifically, what happens when gender and sexual orientation in relation to national identity come into play in the categorization of the works? Are the works expected to comply with certain expectations in terms of their subject matters? Are they refracted (1982), or manipulated (1992), in Lefevere’s vocabulary, and if yes, in what ways? How does genre act as a variant in women’s writing? Is there a feedback loop?: do expectations of representation also affect the act of translation? What kind of ‘after-life’ awaits these works once they are on the move?

The symposium will be an opportunity for colleagues to discuss the politics of being a woman writer of Turkey in the global book market. It will contribute to current debates on World Literature and the growing field of Feminist Translation Studies.

*Please note the timings below are UTC+3*

programme for conference. For text version see https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/events/18974/%22women