Research Projects

Below is a sample of current research projects that DTP students are undertaking which demonstrate the breadth of research taking place across the three institutions and associate partners.

  • Development of an intradermal or inhaled DNA vaccine for COVID-19 and beyond
  • Translation of novel polymer anti-bacterial coating to invasive medical devices used in the neonatal intensive care for high risk preterm infants
  • Characterising cortical network dysfunction in schizophrenia in human neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Investigating the role played by inflammation in the development of colorectal cancer
  • Modelling Basal-Ganglia contributions to motivational impairments in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Structure-function analysis of CUL2LRR1 ubiquitin ligase
  • Multi-system effects of Very Low Calorie Dietary (VLCD) in type two diabetes (T2d) in TWO different populations
  • Implementation of the patient-derived explant (PDE) platform for evaluating tumour responses to novel immunotherapies
  • Converting insult into injury: Cellular and structural biology studies of a macromolecular complex that links inflammation with scarring in fibrotic disease
  • Multimerisation of ELAV/Hu proteins – a key mechanism ensuring specificity for RNA recognition in health and disease 
  • The molecular basis for action of allosteric ligands in chemokine receptors
  • Understanding how tetraspains and the ‘molecular scissor’ ADAM10 promote blood cancer
  • Sol to scaffold: novel hybrid formulations for 3D biofabrication of in vitro tissue models
  • Structural Refinement of teixobactin for treating complex Propionibacterium acnes infection
  • Understanding the genetic basis of disease endotypes in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Creating an AI based data assistant to bridge genotype to metadata – linking primary clinical data to biobank samples.