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While the MNDEVELOP project is ongoing, we will share results and insights as they emerge. On this page we will share articles and reports for academics.


MNEDEVELOP Birmingham Workshop : 6 April 2022

MNEDEVELOP Sao Paulo Workshop : 3-5 April 2023

Conferences and panel discussions


British Academy of Management (BAM) Annual Conference at the Alliance Manchester Business School, U.K., 31 August – 1 September 2022: Prof Axèle Giroud panel organiser on Multinational Enterprises and Responsible Business”, with Prof. Timothy Devinney, Dr Stefan Zagelmeyer, Dr Asmund Rygh, Dr Matthew Alford and Dr Dimitrija Kalanoski.

European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, 8-10 December 2022: Prof Pervez Ghauri participated in two panel discussions: One discussion on “The new realities, SDGs and the global value chain” (chaired by Tiina Ritvala) and another discussion on “Are MNEs contributing towards achievement of SDGs?” (chaired by Shasha Zhao).

European International Business Association (EIBA) annual conference at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, 8-10 December 2022: Prof Axèle Giroud was panel organiser on “Multinational Strategies for Inclusive Development”, with Prof Pervez Ghauri, Dr Jorge Carneiro, Dr Amelia Santos-Paulino (UNCTAD, Switzerland), Cruz Bernardo Ivo (Secretary of State, Government of Portugal), Melén Hånell Sara (Mälardalen University, Sweden), Prof A. Saka-Helmout (University of Radbout, the Netherlands), Dr Tolstoy Daniel (Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden).


Academy of International Business (AIB) Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter Conference at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), São Paulo, 29-31 March 2023: Dr Jorge Carneiro organised a panel discussion on “MNEDEVELOP Multinationals and disadvantaged communities” with Prof Pervez Ghauri, Maria Tereza Leme Fleury (AIB President), Valeria Michel (Tetra Pak), João Paulo Pacífico (Gaia Group), Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez (EAFIT University, Colombia).

Academy of International Business (AIB) UK & Ireland Chapter Conference at University of Glasgow, Scotland, 14-15 April 2023: Presented paper on “Multinational Enterprises and disadvantaged communities in emerging markets: A literature Review”.

Consortium for International Marketing and Research (CIMaR) annual conference at University of Fortaleza, Brazil, 21 June 2023: Prof Pervez Ghauri and Dr Jorge Carneiro participated in a panel discussion on “Multinationals and Inclusive Development in Latin America and the Caribbean” with Darline Oliveira (Head of ESG at Diego) and Thays Garcia (Head of Sustainability at M. Dias Branco).


Research seminar at Radboud University, The Netherlands, 12 March 2024: Prof Axèle Giroud delivered a research seminar on “MNEs’ Strategies for Societal Impact: Interaction with Marginalised Communities”.

Research seminar at Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands, 14 March 2024: Prof Axèle Giroud delivered a research seminar on “MNEs’ Strategies for Societal Impact: Interaction with Marginalised Communities”.

Academy of International Business (AIB) Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter Conference at Mona School of Business & Management, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, 20-22 March 2024: Prof Pervez Ghauri and Dr Jorge Carneiro participated in a panel discussion on “Multi-stakeholder action for inclusive development: The Latin America and Caribbean experience” with Blake Widmer (social entrepreneur and co-founder of Deaf Can! coffee), Dr Beverley Morgan (Head of Competitiveness Company – NGO), Sonja Julien-Wells (Corporate Responsibility Leader and Growth, Purpose and Marketing Leader, Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda), Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez (EAFIT University, Colombia) and Maria Tereza Leme Fleury (FGV São Paulo School of Business Administration, Brazil).

Project-related publications

Oliveira, R., Cathcart, J., Giroud, A., Carneiro, J., & Ghauri, P. (2024). MNEs and disadvantaged communities in emerging markets: Paths to SDG8. In R. Sinkovics, & O. Kuivalainen (Eds.), International Business and SDG8 – Are we on course? (The Academy of International Business). Palgrave Macmillan.

Relevant publications – team members


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Journal articles

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Book chapters

Azevedo-Rezende, L. & Carneiro, J. (2021). Responsabilidade Social Corporativa e os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável: O Papel dos Conselhos [Corporate Social Responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Boards]. In Yoshida, Consuelo; Vianna, Marcelo & Kishi, Sandra (coords.). Finanças Sustentáveis: ESG, Compliance, Gestão de Riscos e ODS [Sustainable Finance: ESG, Compliance, Risk Management and SDGs]. ABRAMPA, pp. 24-41, ISBN 978-65-991329-2-6.

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Contributions to Reports by International Organisations

UNCTAD (2015) World Investment Report 2015: Reforming International Investment Governance, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 978-92-1-112891-8

UNCTAD (2014) World Investment Report 2014: Investing in Social Development Goals, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 978-92-1-112873-4

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World Bank (2017) The Impact of Larger-Scale Agricultural Investment on local Communities: Updated Voices from the Field, Washington, U.S., with William Speller, Hafiz Mirza, Jacqueline Salguero-Huaman, Grahame Dixie and Asuka Okumura