Marie Curie Fellows

University of Birmingham

  • ESR Miguel Pachón Peñalba
  • Supervisor Dr Eugenio Sanchez-Moran

RTP1: The role of the meiotic chromosome axis in the formation of crossovers in Brassicas

University of Leicester

  • ESR Chiara Di Dio
  • Supervisor Dr James Higgins

RTP2: Investigating synaptonemal complex morphogenesis

University of Cambridge

  • ESR Piotr Wlodzimierz
  • Supervisor Dr Ian Henderson

RTP3: Chromatin and recombination landscapes in the bread wheat genome


  • ESR Greta Sandmann
  • Supervisor Dr Eric Jenczewski

RTP4: Production of HyperRec genotypes in Brassica crops


  • ESR Miguel Hernandez Sanchez-Rebato
  • Supervisor Dr Charles White

RTP5: Break-Rec


  • ESR Francesco Blasio
  • Supervisor Dr Monica Pradillo

RTP6: Analysis and modulation of DSB formation in wheat


  • ESR Xinyue Zhang
  • Supervisor Dr Paul Fransz

RTP7: High throughput analysis of crossover distribution in crops


  • ESR Roven Rommel Fuentes
  • Supervisor Dr Sander Peters
  • Supervisor Professor Dick de Ridder

RTP8: Use of optical mapping to study the influence of genome structure on recombination


  • ESR Alandie Nieuwoudt
  • Supervisor Professor Holger Puchta
  • Supervisor Dr Annika Dorn

RTP9: Cas9-based induction of site specific meiotic crossovers (COs) in tomato


  • ESR Yun-Jae Ahn
  • Supervisor Dr Stefan Heckmann
  • Supervisor Dr Andreas Houben

RTP10: Identification of chemical compounds influencing the frequency and distribution of meiotic recombination events in barley (Hordeum vulgare) by single-pollen genotyping


  • ESR Max Vanderheide
  • Supervisor Professor Arp Schnittger

RTP11: Control of meiotic recombination in maize


  • ESR Carolina Saad Rodrigues
  • Supervisor Associate Professor Peter Schlogelhofer

RTP12: Targeted meiotic DSB formation in Brassica crops