Past members

Gerard Sheehan
Medical Writer with Eli Lilly
Linda Millyard Currently on the quest for a postdoc
Cat Buckley
Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge
Claudia Simm
Claudia Simm
Postdoc at Monash University,
Leanne Stones
Clinical Research Compliance Manager, University of Birmingham
Deb Croom-Carter
Research Infrastructure Manager,
University of Birmingham
Sweta Samantaray
Medical Writer, India
Robbie Evans
Postdoc in the Frickel Lab,
University of Birmingham
Andy Gilbert
Senior Technical Manager, University of Lincoln
Wilber Sabiiti
Senior Research Fellow,
St Andrews
Rhiannon Pursall
Freelance Writer
Simon Johnston
Senior Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
Nicola Cumley
Clinical Microbiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Elizabeth Marsh
Lecturer, University of Derby
Claudia Boehnisch
Regulatory Affairs Manager,
Abanta Pharma
Francis Amrit
Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh
Ria Garelnabi
Postdoc, University of Roehampton
Paula Seoane
Postdoc, University of Manchester
Ewa Bielska
Postdoc, University of Dundee
Becky Hall
Lecturer, University of Kent
Wioleta Trzaska
Postdoc, Quadram Institute
Jenson Lim
Lecturer, Stirling University
Anne Marie Krachler
Associate Professor, University of Texas
Dave Mason
Imaging Specialist, University of Liverpool
Kerstin Voelz
Microbiology Specialist, Health & Safety Executive
Hansong Ma
Henry Dale Fellow, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge
Leanne Taylor-Smith
Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Vanessa da Silva
Postdoc, FioCruz Brazil

And a special mention to Wilma van Riel (now Deputy Director Operations, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, Birmingham …but married to the boss, so she can never really escape!) and Maaike van den Berg (now a business analyst with Stichting Philadelphia Zorg)…who, together, were the first ever May Lab recruits back in 2005!