Conference chairs

Prof. (Associate) Bahman Ghiassi

Bahman Ghiassi, BSc MSc PhD FHEA CEng MIstructE, is an Associate Professor of Sustainable Infrastructure Materials at the School of Engineering of the University of Birmingham (UK). Previous to his current role, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham (2018-2022). Dr Ghiassi research centres around sustainable repair and construction materials with the main focus on innovative processing, manufacturing, measurement or modelling techniques. In 2019, he was awarded the RILEM Gustavo Colonetti medal for his “outstanding scientific contribution to the field of construction materials and structures”. He is the author of more than 170 peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable journals and international conferences, has edited several books, and co-authored many chapters and has received the best paper award of the Journal of Materials and Structures in 2021. He has also given several invited talks at international conferences and research institutes and serves as associate editor in a number of scientific journals including Nature Scientific Reports (Springer), Innovative Infrastructure Solutions (Springer) and Journal of Construction Materials (ICE) and is an active member of several international scientific committees including RILEM Technical Committee 290-IMC (Durability of inorganic matrix composites used for strengthening of masonry structures) and RILEM Technical Committee 292-MCC (Mechanical Characterisation and Structural design of Textile Reinforced Concrete).

Prof. Gabriele Milani

Gabriele Milani, Eng. PhD, is Full Professor of Structural Mechanics at the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Technical University of Milan, Italy. Previously Associate (2014-2019) and Assistant Professor (2008-2014) in the same university. Chair professor at Yangzhou University, PRC (2019-2020), visiting at Newcastle University, UK (2016, 2017) and IIT Bombay, India (2022). His scientific interests are manyfold and include masonry modelling and experimentation, seismic engineering, preservation of historical constructions, timber, limit analysis, innovative strengthening with composite materials, Structural Health Monitoring, genetic algorithms (GA), rubber vulcanisation and elastomeric seismic isolation. He published more than 300 papers in high-impact international journals in different fields of structural mechanics, he edited several books and co-authored many book chapters, he was invited as keynote speaker in internationally recognized conferences and co-chaired the 18th International Masonry Conference in 2018. He is the first author in Scopus under the keyword “Masonry”. EB member in both high-reputation journals and international congresses, he was awarded a Most Cited Author Award for a paper in Computers & Structures, a Telford Premium and a K.J. Bathe Award.

Local organising committee

Ms. Hannah Chambers

Ms. Anna Smith

National scientific committee

Prof. Marco Corradi (UK)

Prof. Dina D’Ayala (UK)

Dr. Geffrey Edgell (UK)

Prof. Stephen Garrity (UK)

Prof. Matthew Gilbert (UK)

Mr. Barry Haseltine (UK)

Prof. Mike Leonard (UK)

Prof. Levinshan Augusthus Nelson (UK)

Prof. Lorenzo Macorini (UK)

Prof. Adrian Page (UK)

Prof. Bartolomeo Panto (UK)

Prof. John Roberts (UK)

Prof. Vasilis Sarhosis (UK)

Prof. Adrienn Tomor (UK)

Prof. Enrico Tubaldi (UK)

International scientific committee

Prof. Jose Adam (Spain)

Prof. Jose Maria Adell (Spain)

Prof. Daniel Abrams (USA)

Prof. Maria Antonietta Aiello (Italy)

Prof. Katalin Bagi (Hungry)

Prof. David Biggs (USA)

Prof. Katrin Beyer (Switzerland)

Prof. Francesco Clementi (Italy)

Prof. Stefano De Santis (Italy)

Prof. Wael El-Dakhakhni (Canada)

Prof. Gianmarco de Felice (Italy)

Prof. Antonio Formisano (Italy)

Prof. Alain Gasser (France)

Prof. Siddhartha Gosh (India)

Prof. Xianglin Gu (China)

Prof. Ahmad Hamid (USA)

Prof. Mehrdad Hezaji (Iran)

Prof. Jason Ingham (New Zealand)

Prof. Wolfram Jäger (Germany)

Prof. Jan Kubica (Poland)

Prof. Arkadiusz Kwiecień (Poland)

Prof. Jose Lemos (Portugal)

Prof. Paulo Lourenço

Prof. Guido Magenes (Italy)

Prof. Dirk Martens (The Netherlands)

Prof. Mark Masia (Australia)

Prof. Thierry Massart (Belgium)

Prof. Claudio Mazzotti (Italy)

Prof. Francesco Micelli (Italy)

Prof. Arun Menon (India)

Prof. Claudio Modena (Italy)

Prof. Nebojsa Mojsilovic (Switzerland)

Prof. Antonio Nanni (USA)

Prof. Cornia Papanicolaou (Greece)

Prof. Guilherme Parsekian (Brazil)

Dr. Rob van der Pluijm (The Netherlands)

Prof. Francesca da Proto (Italy)

Prof. Pere Roca (Spain)

Prof. Humberto Roman (Brazil)

Prof. Nigel Shrive (Canada)

Prof. Hipolito Campos de Sousa (Portugal)

Mr. Michael Schuller (USA)

Prof. Tadeusz Tatara (Poland)

Prof. Miha Tomaževič (Slovenia)

Prof. Thanasis Triantafillou (Greece)

Prof. Maria Rosa Valluzzi (Italy)

Prof. Elizabeth Vintzileou (Greece)

Prof. A.T. Vermelfoort (The Netherlands)