18th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference

21 – 24 July 2024, University of Birmingham

The International Brick and Block Masonry Conference is an international conference intended to attract representatives among masonry researchers and practitioners, masonry industries and building management authorities, construction professionals and educators. The conference will thus represent a unique platform for discussion, networking, sharing new ideas and gaining insights into trends, innovations and challenges related to masonry, in both research and building practice.

To celebrate the 18th edition of this significant event, all accepted papers will be published in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (Springer) and indexed in Scopus.

We are also pleased to announce that RILEM offers a one-year free RILEM membership to the best papers (awardees must be under 35, unlimited number of awardees) and the best paper awardee has the possibility to submit a paper to RILEM Technical Letters

After the first edition of this conference in 1967 in Austin Texas, the conference has been held 16 other times, to date, in different countries across the world. These include:

1967 1st IB²MaC Austin Texas USA 
1970 2nd IB²MaC Stoke-on-Trent England 
1973 3rd IB²MaC Essen Germany 
1976 4th IB²MaC Bruges Belgium 
1979 5th IB²MaC Washington USA 
1982 6th IB²MaC Rome Italy 
1985 7th IB²MaC Melbourne Australia 
1988 8th IB²MaC Dublin Ireland 
1991 9th IB²MaC Berlin Germany 
1994 10th IB²MaC Calgary Canada 
1997 11th IB²MaC Shanghai China 
2000 12th IB²MaC Madrid Spain 
2004 13th IB²MaC Amsterdam The Netherlands 
2008 14th IB²MaC Sydney Australia 
201215th IB²MaC FlorianopolisBrazil
201616th IB²MaC PaduaItaly 
202117th IB²MaC KrakowPoland