Farmer’s Pride project collaborators are organising a wide range of events – and giving presentations at many others – to engage stakeholders from across Europe in the project.

Upcoming Events

Due to the coronavirus response, events and other face-to-face activities are not possible at this time in most countries. Our final conference is still planned, please see the conference web page for more details.

Previous Events

The events already organised or attended by project collaborators in relation to Farmer’s Pride are too numerous to list here, but a few highlights include: 

August 2019: a series of events organized by Arche-Noah in Hungary, including at the National Agricultural and Food Exhibition ‘The development of Hungarian gastronomy: tomato landraces on our plates’ and a workshop for the scientific community and industry: ‘How to bring to life ancient varieties: diversity in our garden and on our plates’

August 2019: ten workshops and conferences organized by LUKE in Finland, including the National Conference of Agriculture and Food Science; a field day focused on Hermanni landrace rye in Virolahti.

9 January 2020: ‘Conserving Crop Landraces and Wild Relatives’ session at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Oxford, UK.



3-4 December 2019: Workshop with the National Board for PGR, hosted by Mendel University, Lednic

10 September 2019: a workshop on in situ conservation of crop wild relatives, Sweden.

Events organized in partnership with BRESOV and G2P-SOL projects in Spain.

November 2019: Coltiviamo la Biodiversita, Italy.

September 2019: 3rd meeting of the REECAP, Osnabruck, Germany.

28th AGROTICA in Greece.

31 October 2019: FNI-organised seminar ‘Community seed banks as springboards for enhancing seed and food diversity’, Lysaker, Norway.

Farmer’s Pride networks: Finnish allotment Gardens, Summer 2019

Over 300 apple trees of dozens cultivars grow in the allotment garden in its 2ha area in Kupitta in Turku. It is an urban hotspot for cultivated heritage apples. Photo: Maarit Heinonen/LUKE

Since many allotment gardens have decades long history they are natural sites also for landraces and other heritage plants. Farmers’ Pride project has promoted awareness of in situ preservation issues in two piloting cases, one in the city of Helsinki and the other in the city of Turku by expertise lectures and discussions. The project has identified especially old apple trees in the allotment garden society in Turku city center and participated in promoting it as a city’s common recreation and eco-learning area e.g. via  a national TV show ‘Egenland’. TV show filmed in July 2019 was broadcasted in 7th January 2020.