Luis Moran’s Profile

I was born 1990 in Venezuela and achieved my pharmacist degree at Santa Maria University in 2012, where I developed my fascination for pharmacology and biochemical research. That experience inspired to me to pursue a scientific career by beginning a master’s degree in Biochemistry, which I completed in 2014 at the Laboratory of Haemostasis and Vascular Genetics, in Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) and my main project was focused on the study the role of dopamine as apoptosis inductor on human platelets and their role on the generation of platelet microparticles.

Afterward, in 2017, I moved to Germany to learn the state-of-art of nanoLC-MS on platelet proteomics within the bioanalytic department supervised by Prof. Sickmann at Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences (ISAS). Finally, I began my PhD project in October 2018 as member of the innovative academic program offered by Targeting Platelet Adhesion Receptors in Thrombosis (TAPAS) consortium.

I was delighted with the excellent opportunity of TAPAS-EJD-ITN to construct my career around a fully international environment and work alongside with the most renowned researchers in platelet research field. The main goal of my project is to identify novel inhibitors of CLEC-2 on platelets. Using a high throughput screening (HTS) assay for small molecules and nanobodies. An in-silico docking assay for CLEC-2 using the chemical library available at University of Santiago de Compostela under the supervision of Dr Ángel García group during the first and second year, moreover I will receive an additional training in drug developments tools in a short secondment at the middle of my second year. The last part of my research will be carried out at University of Birmingham under the supervision of Prof. S. Watson and Prof. M. Tomlinson to validate the possible inhibitors.