ESR Mobility: University of Rijeka, Croatia

ESR1, Raluca Neagoe (Ale), has completed a 10 week secondment at the University of Rijeka in Croatia. Ale was working in Antonija Begonja’s lab over the summer, before returning to the University of Birmingham in August. During the secondment Ale was:

1) Visualising PIP2 distribution and downstream signalling events in mouse bone marrow-derived megakaryocytes and human platelets spread on different substrates +/- pharmacological intervention.

2) Determining platelet receptor GPVI association with the actin cytoskeleton using ultracentrifugation.

3) Establishing a Rac1 knock out human megakaryocyte-like cell line (HEL cells) using CRISPR technology

4) Visiting the beach at weekends

Photo: Rijeka, Croatia