Daniele Albertazzi Quoted in The Financial Times on Silvio Berlusconi Ending His Bid for the Italian Presidency

On the 23rd January 2022 Populism in Action’s Principal Investigator Prof. Daniele Albertazzi provided extensive insight to readers of The Financial Times in the article “Berlusconi abandons long-shot bid for Italian presidency” by Amy Kazmin.

Reflecting on Silvio Berlusconi’s decision to withdraw his candidacy for the Italian Presidency Prof. Albertazzi stated:

“[Berlusconi’s candidacy] was a hard sell and he has obviously come to the conclusion that it cannot be done…”


Commenting on the state of the wider race for the role, and the possibility of Prime Minister Mario Draghi being on contention for the role, Prof. Albertazzi said:

“He wouldn’t be there just to unveil monuments and make speeches — he would exert real influence… Many individuals in parliament worry that picking Draghi means having fresh elections in the spring and they absolutely want to avoid that.”

To read the full article visit The Financial Times website here.