“Populism in Europe — Lessons from Umberto Bossi’s Northern League” Published

Today 28th September 2021 Manchester University Press has published Populism in Europe — Lessons from Umberto Bossi’s Northern League the latest book by the Populism in Action Project’s Principal Investigator Prof. Daniele Albertazzi (University of Surrey). The book is co-written with Dr. Davide Vampa (Aston University).

The book offers a detailed and systematic analysis of the ideology, electoral and governmental performances, organisational model, type of leadership and member activism of the Northern League under its founder, Umberto Bossi (1991-2012). Based on a wealth of original research, the book identifies the Northern League’s consistent and coherent ideology, its strong leadership and its ability to create communities of loyal partisan activists as key ingredients of its success. Through their in-depth analysis, Albertazzi and Vampa show that the League has much to teach us about how populists can achieve durability and rootedness and how parties of all kinds can still benefit from a committed and dedicated membership today.

Full details and how to purchase a copy can be found here.

A launch event for the book is being co-organised by the University of Surrey, Aston University, PSA Italian Studies Group and facilitated by the ESRC funded Populism in Action project led by Pro. Daniele Albertazzi and Dr. Stijn van Kessel. Register for the event running 16:00-17:30 (UK time) on 20th October 2021.