Daniele Albertazzi to be Keynote Speaker at the 6th Prague Populism Conference

Dr. Daniele Albertazzi – Populism in Action’s Principal Investigator – will be keynote speaker at the 6th Prague Populism Conference (17th-19th May 2021).

His keynote will draw upon research undertaken as part of the Populism in Action Project to consider the role of personalisation and centralisation amongst European populist radical right parties. He will discuss the extent to which party elites have reinforced their power through formal organisational structures and informal influence.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this year’s conference will take place online. However, the event (organised annually since 2014 by Charles University in Prague) has rapidly established itself as a key forum for communicating research into the populist political phenomenon. The central topic that this year’s event will be exploring is Current populism in Europe: What has changed since the start of the pandemic?

In addition to Dr. Albertazzi keynote speakers include Prof. Nonna Mayer of Sciences Po.