“This is how you fuel resentment towards the political establishment” Daniele Albertazzi Discusses Italy’s Technocratic Governments on Al Jazeera English

On 16th February Populism in Action’s Principal Investigator Daniele Albertazzi was quoted in “Cautious optimism as ‘Super Mario’ takes on Italy’s crises” an article by Aljazeera English’s Ylenia Gostoli.

In it he comments on the implications of Italy’s traditions of technocratic government:

“I think it is questionable that every time there is a crisis, Italian politicians pretend to take three steps back and put forward these saviour figures… This is how you destroy the idea of a political class that is accountable towards its electorate for the choices it makes. Politics cannot be there just when everything goes well. Imagine a surgeon leaving the operating room every time things get critical. This is how you fuel resentment towards the political establishment. Politicians pretending decisions that are made are not political decisions, that it’s just the way it should be done.”

The article can be read in full here.